Psychologists & coaches
on the subject of "stress / burnout"

Ekaterina Petrova

Life design coach, trainer and adult educator, MSc. BA


  • Stress reduction

  • Self worth

  • Reorientation

  • find your own resources in everyday life

  • Personality development


Languages: German, English, Russian


Profile Ekaterina Petrova

Martina Licht

Life coach, career consultant, wingwave coach


  • Reorientation in difficult job and life situations

  • Dealing with fear, stress, loneliness, boredom

  • Make strengths aware and mobilize

  • Find serenity, inner balance and confidence


Languages ​​German


Dr. Andrea Kaiser

Psychologist, wingwave coach, memory trainer


  • Reduce stress

  • Regulate emotions

  • Preserve structures

  • stay mentally fit

  • Promote quality of life


for people of all ages


Languages: German, English


Christof Zellweger

Coaching for stress, excessive demands and approaching burnout


  • Who am I, along with my job, career and status?

  • Who can I be if I leave my fears, doubts and self-criticism behind me? What is stopping me?

  • How can I be more relaxed about things without having to control everything?


Languages: German, English


Martina Holzach

Psychologist, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, Yoga Teacher


  • Emotion regulation

  • Mindfulness

  • Burnout and depression

  • Yoga and meditation (online)

  • Buddhist psychology

  • Performance psychology


Languages: German, English




Annette Nilsson

Life coach & philosopher


  • Changes

  • Challenges

  • Life crises

  • burnout

  • Expansion of the comfort zone

  • Questions of meaning - what makes my life good and worth living?

  • Identity - How do I become who I want to be?



German, English, Dutch, Swedish


Stephanie Furrer

Consultant and coach


  • Professional and vocational coaching

  • Starch coaching

  • Burnout advice


Languages German


Corina Stähli

Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy
Federal Dipl. Psychotherapist


  • Unfavorable health behavior (e.g. nutrition / overweight): Coaching for a sustainable, health-promoting behavior change (e.g. vegan diet, more physical activity)

  • Identity, life and meaning crises

  • Conflicts in partnership and family

  • Burnout and depression

  • Traumas, fears and constraints

  • ADHD and difficulties with pulse control

  • Addictive behavior

  • Eating and personality disorders (e.g. borderline)


Language: German


Manuela Bruggisser

Personality and career coach, certified wingwave coach


  • Dealing with changes, stresses, fears and blockages

  • Regulate emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Discover and re-activate resources

  • Find balance with self-management

  • Personality development


For adults, children, teenagers


Languages: German, Italiano, English


Sabine Rickels

Lifecoach, transaction analytics consultant, nature coach

Process facilitator and team trainer


  • Dealing with stress and strain, psycho-hygiene

  • Inner balance and serenity

  • Overcoming professional or private challenges

  • Dealing with difficult decisions or inner conflicts

  • Biography and vision work

  • Integrate nature as a source of energy in everyday life

  • Relaxation, deceleration, stress prevention through nature-based and mindfulness-based coaching


Languages: ​​German


Torsten Dederky

Stress coach


  • General handling of stress

  • Understand stress

  • Change beliefs

  • Be confident in stress


Languages: ​​German


Tanja Wolf

Life coach


  • Self-actualization

  • Master challenging phases

  • Get back on your feet after a crisis

  • Create a life you love


Languages: German, English

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