Psychologists & coaches
on the subject of "positive psychology"

Dr. Annalisa Stefanelli

Psychologist FSP and life coach


  • New roles in everyday life

  • Emotion regulation

  • Social structures and dynamics

  • Personality development

  • Conscious upbringing

  • Positive psychology


Languages: German, Italiano, English, Español

Sabine Wieser

Business & Life Coach


  • Changes & dealing with new life situations

  • Approach new things & orientate yourself

  • Balance: find your own energy resources & live in everyday life

  • Let strengths come alive & create your own values

  • Positive team hacks: not faster, higher, further ?! But happier, more motivated, more successful!


Languages: ​​German

Ursula Gugelmann

Life coach, system. Consultant, body psychotherapist


  • Strengthen internal resources

  • Self-care

  • Courage to change

  • Coping with trauma

  • Self-confident visualization

  • Positive psychology


Language: German


Claudia Schmidtke

Life & Business Coach, Team Coach


  • Professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • New work (mindset, tools, methods)

  • Modern leadership and team interventions (also remote)

  • Dealing with uncertainty, crises & conflicts

  • Positive psychology


Languages: German, English, Español

Suse Schumacher

Psychologist, syst. Coach Positive Psychology, Psychodrama Practitioner, Hypno- and Nature Therapist


  • Fear and life crises

  • Couple conflicts

  • professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Mediation and imagination trips for more serenity


Languages: German, English


Ramona Zimmermann

Life coach


  • Positive affirmations for success, health & happiness

  • Shadow work

  • Visualize your goals / desires with Vision Board

  • Manifest goals / desires

  • The law of attraction

  • Online coaching


Languages: German, English


Tanja Wolf

Life coach


  • Self-actualization

  • Master challenging phases

  • Get back on your feet after a crisis

  • Create a life that you love


Languages: German, English

Angelika Reimer

Mediator, conflict manager


  • cooperation

  • participation

  • Team dynamics

  • Highly escalating family situations

  • Group consultant DGGO

  • Coping with trauma


Languages ​​German



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