Psychologists & coaches
on the subject of "personality development"

Dr. Annalisa Stefanelli

Psychologist FSP and life coach


  • New roles in everyday life

  • Emotion regulation

  • Social structures and dynamics

  • Personality development

  • Conscious parenting

  • Positive psychology


Languages: German, Italiano, English, Español

Jochen Ziepke

Coach & Diversity Trainer

  • Life coaching

  • Personality development

  • Development of new perspectives

  • Dealing with changes

  • Development of personal goals (private and professional)


Languages: German

Jens Bayard

Systemic coach (ECA) / career and personal coach / communication trainer


  • Personality development

  • Human resources "Help around work"

  • Accompanying change / “Not just there, but right in the middle”, the way out of the crisis

  • Coaching without advice "just listen"

  • Employer branding "Your chance as an entrepreneur is now"


Languages: German

Ekaterina Petrova

Life design coach, trainer and adult educator, MSc. BA


  • Stress reduction

  • Self worth

  • Reorientation

  • find your own resources in everyday life

  • Personality development


Languages: German, English, Russian


Profile Ekaterina Petrova

Tanja Wolf

Life coach


  • Self-actualization

  • Master challenging phases

  • Get back on your feet after a crisis

  • Create a life you love


Languages: German, English

Julia Städtler

Life & Business Coach, Team Coach


  • Rethinking

  • Acting effectively

  • Go new ways

  • Changes

  • Self-management

  • clarity

  • Only the whole team can win


Languages: German


Sunahla Nicole Sthioul

Life & relationship coach,

Complementary therapist, Polarity method, psychotherapist


  • Coping with life crises

  • Dealing with Anxiety & Depression

  • Conflict resolution

  • Reorientation

  • Development of new strategies

  • Development of your own and common potential


Languages​: German


Manuela Bruggisser

Personality and career coach, certified wingwave coach


  • Dealing with changes, stresses, fears and blockages

  • Regulate emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Discover and re-activate resources

  • Find balance with self-management

  • Personality development


For adults, children, teenagers


Languages: German, Italiano, English


Adela Rodriguez

Dipl. Mental Coach, relaxation therapist, transformation coach


  • Recognize and resolve fears

  • Thought hygiene

  • Find clarity and orientation

  • Personality development

  • Awareness and intuition training

  • Self-actualization

Languages: German, Español, Italiano


Alfredo García

Certified Erickson Solution Focused Coach & Life Coach,

Motivational coach


  • Empowerment & personal development

  • Online coach

  • Sports coach

  • Network marketing mentor

  • Reclaim your power


Languages: German, Spanish, English


Motivational lifecoach site


Andreas Rose

Life coach and personality profiler


  • Manager in the field of tension

  • Make strengths (again) aware

  • Shaping changes

  • Find new ways and ideas

  • Personality development

  • Professional development

  • Master crises


Languages German

Sibylle Mathys

Individual psychological advisor AFI, psychosocial advisor


  • Self-actualization

  • Coping with the crisis

  • Career advice


Languages: German, English


Mara Romagnoni

Professional and couple coach


  • Customer-centered theory

  • Gestalt

  • Transactional analysis

  • Neurolinguistic programming

  • Creative methods: drawing, metaphor, Lego, puzzle


Language: Italian



Profile Mara Romagnoni

Mara Romagnoni.jpg

Angelika Reimer

Mediator, conflict manager


  • cooperation

  • participation

  • Team dynamics

  • Highly escalating family situations

  • Group consultant DGGO

  • Coping with trauma


Languages ​​German



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