Psychologists & coaches
on the subject of "meditation / relaxation"

Judith Kuijper

Intuitive life and business coach


  • Emotional issues, spirituality

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Inner journey, coping with stress

  • Tools to make life easier

  • Relationships

  • Set limits, learn to say no

  • Dealing with guilt

  • Self-care and self-pity

  • Big, small challenges


Languages: English, Dutch, (German)

Jessy Spaar

NLP trainer, transformation coach, feminine empowerment, mindset & yoga teacher


  • Coping with fear

  • Mindset work

  • Online yoga

  • Coaching

  • Online healing sessions

  • Dealing with trauma

  • The role of women and the importance of femininity

  • Chakra work


Languages: German, English


Mandy Klees

Business coach, yoga teacher,

Relaxation trainer


  • Resilience and mindfulness

  • Self-management

  • change

  • Reorientation

  • Balance in life


Languages ​​German


Christina Rolli

Body therapist, yoga teacher, heart guide, relationship & intuition coach


  • Heart and intuition connection

  • Strengthen self-esteem and trust

  • Mindset

  • Relationships & communication

  • (Self) love

  • Reorientation

  • Yoga & Pilates

  • Body therapy

  • Health, exercise and nutrition


Languages ​​German


Martina Holzach

Psychologist, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, Yoga Teacher


  • Emotion regulation

  • Mindfulness

  • Burnout and depression

  • Yoga and meditation (online)

  • Buddhist psychology

  • Performance psychology


Languages: German, English




Suse Schumacher

Psychologist, syst. Coach Positive Psychology, Psychodrama Practitioner, Hypno- and Nature Therapist


  • Fear and life crises

  • Couple conflicts

  • professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Mediation and imagination trips for more serenity


Languages: German, English


Sabine Rickels

Lifecoach, transaction analytics consultant, nature coach

Process facilitator and team trainer


  • Dealing with stress and strain, psycho-hygiene

  • Inner balance and serenity

  • Overcoming professional or private challenges

  • Dealing with difficult decisions or inner conflicts

  • Biography and vision work

  • Integrate nature as a source of energy in everyday life

  • Relaxation, deceleration, stress prevention through nature-based and mindfulness-based coaching


Languages ​​German


Angelika Reimer

Mediator, conflict manager


  • cooperation

  • participation

  • Team dynamics

  • Highly escalating family situations

  • Group consultant DGGO

  • Coping with trauma


Languages ​​German



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