Together for psychological, moral and emotional support

Support during the Corona crisis

Psychologists and coaches come together on this platform to provide concrete support in this extraordinary Corona time. Here you will find people who offer their support for half an hour free of charge - by phone or video call. 

You can also get inspiration from their websites and social media.


  1. Select a person from the list whom you would like to contact. On their profile you will see their topics and strengths, as well as the languages they speak and contact details.

  2. The first contact will be via e-mail, where you will make an appointment for your conversation.

  3. The conversation (via phone or video call) lasts 30 minutes, is free and without obligation. In this conversation, your contact person will try to help you as efficiently as possible and give you valuable tips.

  4. You have the possibility to write to several people on the list if you need another opinion or if you want to discuss another topic. To ensure that we have enough capacity for everyone, 30 minutes of conversation (free of charge) are possible per psychologist and coach.

  5. If you would like a more extensive consultation after these 30 minutes, you can contact your chosen psychologist or coach and book a longer consultation according to their individual rates.

Our mission statement

We believe that there should be different points of contact for our clients because our clients and their concerns are also very different and individual.

For this reason, the platform Psychologists & Coaches United provides service providers from a wide range of professions and training areas in the health care sector, primarily psychologists, coaches and psychotherapists. Our clients decide freely and at their own discretion which service provider meets their needs.

The operators of the platform do not evaluate the various counseling, coaching methods and forms of therapy.


All members of this network commit themselves to a high quality standard and guarantee a serious and recognized education corresponding to the respective profession and regular further education. Further information on the training and further education of the service providers can be found on the corresponding websites of the individual members.

All members act independently and on their own responsibility. They are responsible for clarifying the order and (to the best of their knowledge) for assessing what kind of help a client needs.

The members are subject to legal confidentiality.

Select your topics and find the right contact person!


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