Psychologists & coaches
on the subject of "emotion regulation"

Dr. Annalisa Stefanelli

Psychologist FSP and life coach

  • New roles in everyday life

  • Emotion regulation

  • Social structures and dynamics

  • Personality development

  • Conscious upbringing

  • Positive psychology

Languages: German, Italiano, English, Español

Judith Kuijper

Intuitive life and business coach


  • Emotional issues, spirituality

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Inner journey, coping with stress

  • Tools to make life easier

  • Relationships

  • Set limits, learn to say no

  • Dealing with guilt

  • Self-care and self-pity

  • Big, small challenges


Languages: English, Dutch, (German)

Regina Schlager

Systemic Coach, Appointment Coach, Mindfulness and Embodiment Coach, Focusing, Mag. Phil.


  • Reorientation, transitions, upheavals

  • Find a vocation and live it

  • Dealing with difficult feelings

  • Set healthy limits

  • Sustainable ways of life and work

  • Your own rhythm and female leadership


Languages: German, English


Dr. Andrea Kaiser

Psychologist, wingwave coach, memory trainer


  • Reduce stress

  • Regulate emotions

  • Preserve structures

  • stay mentally fit

  • Promote quality of life


for people of all ages


Languages: German, English


Manuela Bruggisser

Personality and career coach, certified wingwave coach


  • Dealing with changes, stresses, fears and blockages

  • Regulate emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Discover and activate resources (again)

  • Find balance with self-management

  • Personality development


For adults, children, teenagers


Languages: German, Italiano, English


Martina Holzach

Psychologist, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, Yoga Teacher


  • Emotion regulation

  • Mindfulness

  • Burnout and depression

  • Yoga and meditation (online)

  • Buddhist psychology

  • Performance psychology


Languages: German, English




Dorothea Slamek

Partner, couple and family consultant


  • relationship problems

  • Marital problems

  • Emotional burdens

  • Family problems

  • Conflicts

  • Crisis situations

  • LGBTIQ * topics / gender issues

  • Resilience

  • Resource management

  • Difficult life situations

  • sexuality

  • separation

  • Change processes


Languages ​​German


Angelika Reimer

Mediator, conflict manager


  • cooperation

  • participation

  • Team dynamics

  • Highly escalating family situations

  • Group consultant DGGO

  • Coping with trauma


Languages ​​German



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