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on the subject of "relationships"


Nadja Bircher

Couple and relationship coach


  • Crises and desires for change in love relationships

  • Love / Lovesickness

  • Changing / improving communication

  • Strengthening the relationship with your own children

  • Improving and strengthening the relationship with your own parents

  • Releasing feelings of guilt and old resentment

  • Differentiation, find easier ways to say no

  • Self-care, self-love

  • Get off the thought carousel


Languages: ​​German

Judith Kuijper

Intuitive life and business coach

  • Emotional issues, spirituality

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Inner journey, coping with stress

  • Tools to make life easier

  • Relationships

  • Set limits, learn to say no

  • Dealing with guilt

  • Self-care and self-pity

  • Big, small challenges


Languages: English, Dutch, (German)

Sunahla Nicole Sthioul

Life & relationship coach,

Complementary therapist, Polarity method, psychotherapist


  • Coping with life crises

  • Dealing with Anxiety & Depression

  • Conflict resolution

  • Reorientation

  • Development of new strategies

  • Development of your own and common potential


Languages ​​German


Corina Stähli

Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy
Federal Dipl. Psychotherapist


  • Unfavorable health behavior (e.g. nutrition / overweight): Coaching for sustainable, health-promoting behavior change

  • Identity, life and meaning crises

  • Conflicts in partnership and family

  • Burnout and depression

  • Traumas, fears and constraints

  • ADHD and difficulties with pulse control

  • Addictive behavior

  • Eating and personality disorders (e.g. borderline)


Language: German


Barbara Schmidt-Ontyd

Social worker, supervisor and health coach


  • Recognize and resolve fears

  • Thought hygiene

  • Accompanying people with seriously ill relatives

  • Lovesick coaching


Languages ​​German


Suse Schumacher

Psychologist, syst. Coach Positive Psychology, Psychodrama Practitioner, Hypno- and Nature Therapist


  • Fear and life crises

  • Couple conflicts

  • professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Mediation and imagination trips for more serenity


Languages: German, English


Dorothea Slamek

Partner, couple and family consultant


  • relationship problems

  • Marital problems

  • Emotional burdens

  • Family problems

  • Conflicts

  • Crisis situations

  • LGBTIQ * topics / gender issues

  • Resilience

  • Resource management

  • Difficult life situations

  • sexuality

  • separation

  • Change processes


Languages: ​​German


Tanja Wolf

Life coach


  • Self-actualization

  • Master challenging phases

  • Get back on your feet after a crisis

  • Create a life you love


Languages: German, English

Mara Romagnoni

Professional and couple coach


  • Customer-centered theory

  • Gestalt

  • Transactional analysis

  • Neurolinguistic programming

  • Creative methods: drawing, metaphor, Lego, puzzle


Language: Italian



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