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on the subject of "job / career"

Sabine Wieser

Business & Life Coach


  • Changes & dealing with new life situations

  • Approach new things & orientate yourself

  • Balance: find your own energy resources & live in everyday life

  • Let strengths come alive & create your own values

  • Positive team hacks: not faster, higher, further ?! But happier, more motivated, more successful!


Languages ​​German

Claudia Schmidtke

Life & Business Coach, Team Coach


  • Professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • New work (mindset, tools, methods)

  • Modern leadership and team interventions (also remote)

  • Dealing with uncertainty, crises & conflicts

  • Positive psychology


Languages: German, English, Español

Jochen Ziepke

Coach & Diversity Trainer

  • Life coaching

  • Personality development

  • Development of new perspectives

  • Dealing with changes

  • Development of personal goals (private and professional)


Languages German

Katharina Isele

Master Business Coach, certified in potential-oriented coaching according to Dr. Buck


  • Dealing with changes & crises

  • Modern forms of work (home office etc.)

  • Leadership in the world of work 4.0

  • Work-life balance


Languages: German, Français, English

Jens Bayard

Systemic coach (ECA) / career and personal coach / communication trainer


  • Personality development

  • Human resources "Help around work"

  • Accompanying change / “Not just there, but right in the middle”, the way out of the crisis

  • Coaching without advice "just listen"

  • Employer branding "Your chance as an entrepreneur is now"


Languages: German

Julia Städtler

Life & Business Coach, Team Coach


  • Rethink

  • Acting effectively

  • Go new ways,

  • Changes

  • Self-management

  • clarity

  • Only the whole team can win


Languages ​​German


Alexandra von Muralt

Chief of client happiness


  • Application / career advice


Languages: German, English


Martina Licht

Life coach, career consultant, wingwave coach


  • Reorientation in difficult job and life situations

  • Dealing with fear, stress, loneliness, boredom

  • Make strengths aware and mobilize

  • Find serenity, inner balance and confidence


Languages ​​German


Regina Schlager

Systemic Coach, Appointment Coach, Mindfulness and Embodiment Coach, Focusing, Mag. Phil.


  • Reorientation, transitions, upheavals

  • Find a vocation and live it

  • Dealing with difficult feelings

  • Set healthy limits

  • Sustainable ways of life and work

  • Your own rhythm and female leadership


Languages: German, English


Sibylle Mathys

Individual psychological advisor AFI, psychosocial advisor


  • Self-actualization

  • Coping with the crisis

  • Career advice


Languages: German, English


Verena Tschudi

Career coach and mentor


  • Career and leadership coaching especially for women

  • Wage negotiation

  • Increase confidence

  • Mind management

  • Life balance

  • Set goals and achieve them


Languages: German, English, Español



Nadia Arnet

Life coach


  • Find inspiration in times of social distancing

  • Work-life balance: living fulfilled

  • Work efficiently from home

  • Solving blockades and living dreams: what is holding you back?


Languages: German, English, Italiano






Suse Schumacher

Psychologist, syst. Coach Positive Psychology, psychodrama practitioner, hypno- and nature therapist


  • Fear and life crises

  • Couple conflicts

  • professional reorientation

  • Strength coaching

  • Mindfulness

  • Mediation and imagination trips for more serenity


Languages: German, English


Stephanie Furrer

Consultant and coach


  • Professional and vocational coaching

  • Starch coaching

  • Burnout advice


Languages German


Sabine Rickels

Lifecoach, transaction analytics consultant, nature coach

Process facilitator and team trainer


  • Dealing with stress and strain, psycho-hygiene

  • Inner balance and serenity

  • Overcoming professional or private challenges

  • Dealing with difficult decisions or inner conflicts

  • Biography and vision work

  • Integrate nature as a source of energy in everyday life

  • Relaxation, deceleration, stress prevention through nature-based and mindfulness-based coaching


Languages ​​German


Andreas Rose

Life coach and personality profiler


  • Manager in the field of tension

  • Make strengths (again) aware

  • Shaping changes

  • Find new ways and ideas

  • Personality development

  • Professional development

  • Master crises


Languages German

Mara Romagnoni

Professional and couple coach


  • Customer-centered theory

  • Gestalt

  • Transactional analysis

  • Neurolinguistic programming

  • Creative methods: drawing, metaphor, Lego, puzzle


Language: Italian



Profile Mara Romagnoni

Mara Romagnoni.jpg

Katja Reichen

Mediator, conflict manager


  • cooperation

  • participation

  • Team dynamics

  • Highly escalating family situations

  • Group consultant DGGO

  • Coping with trauma


Languages ​​German


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